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Binder International Qingdao Co., Ltd.

Binder International – our name says it all:

Experience and reliability in global trade relations

Binder is found in 1923, and headquarter is located in Stuttgart-Germany

Representive office in Qingdao in 2005, we upgraded it into an own subsidiary in 2009, purchasing all kinds of frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, juice concentrates, puree, canned goods, honey and so on.

Food industry partner

The permanent expansion of our product range in close cooperation with suppliers and customers makes us a valuable food industry partner. Manufacturers of jams, ice cream, yogurt, fruit juices, canned food, baked goods and ready-to-serve meals count on us, as do retail/wholesale dealers, distilleries, C+C markets and food store chains.

Contractual fidelity and performance

We keep our word. With our own companies and stable supplier relationships, we fulfill our contracts in every respect: quantity, quality, price, punctuality. Reliable scheduling, transportation and document processing are important to us.

Binder International Qingdao Co., Ltd.

Binder International has 80 years of history. Our headquartered in Heeren purpuric Germany.Beside, we have our own production plant and sales office in Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Sweden and Asia. In addition, we also established a long-term good relations with all continents suppliers , which now is now a global supply network scale.
Binder has its own production bases in Poland and Serbia, producing sour cherries, berries, frozen fruit, fruit juice and so on.
Our partners include the food processing enterprise wholesalers food chain enterprises and traditional agricultural product suppliers .We provide frozen fruits and vegetables juice puree import wines and food
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