Foundation and start with commercial activity
1923 Formation of our company, which starts out trading in agricultural products in Herrenberg
1948 and the 1960s Investment in our own warehouses, grain silos and mixed feed facilities; getting started on wholesale business and trade in fruit for industry, deep-frozen goods and fruit concentrates
Internationalization: Trade offices in Eastern Europe
1992 to 1994 Setting up our own trading companies in Poland and Hungary
1996 Launch of a representative office in Serbia, which has operated in Belgrade since 2004
Diversification: Raw material processing and our own production
1995 to 1999 Service production in Poland; we get started on own production at the Nasielsk location (deep-frozen goods)
2000 Acquisition of interests in production sites in Hungary (fresh goods/honey)
2001 Purchase of the Tarczyn production site; since then we have been steadily expanding our own production (deep-frozen goods, concentrates)
2005 Expansion of production range in Poland, Tarczyn location (puree)
2007 Start with small packages for retail and wholesale trade by installing an automatic packaging machine
Globalization: Entry into Asia and expansion of European locations
2006 Representative offices in Singapore and Qingdao (China). In 2009, we changed the Chinese representative office into an own subsidiary
2007 Representative office in Moscow (Russia)
2008 Representative office in Karlstad (Sweden); subsidiary company since 2009 
Refocusing: strategic return to pure wholesale 2012 Lease of agricultural trade
2014 Divestment of proprietary production facilities in Poland and the sale of investments in production centers in Hungary (fresh produce)
Inter-connection: Cross-networking locations - trading - production 2015 Increased networking within the Binder Group in the trade sector, as well as the production services for selected partners and selected product ranges
 Binder International Qingdao Co., Ltd.